The Impact of Lošinj’s Climate and Its Natural Aerosol on the Pulmonary Functions

The purpose of this research was to study the scope of the impact of Lošinj’s climate and its natural aerosol on the pulmonary functions of

The research was implemented in order to prove that Lošinj’s climate is as beneficial to the pulmonary functions as it was 125 years ago when Mali and Veli Lošinj were declared climate health resorts.

METHODS: Spirometry, the method for measuring lung volume and the speed of inhalation and exhalation air flow, was used to collect the parameters of the participants’ lung functions. The participants were the registered guests of the Camp Čikat and measuring was implemented upon their arrival and prior to their departure from the Island of Lošinj. Control measuring was made after an average of 11 days spent on Lošinj. All the presented results include a total of 93 research participants with two confirmed valid measurements.

RESULTS: For two parameters – FVC and FEV1, a statistically significant deviation was established between the initial and the final measurement in the subgroup of participants with the initial measurement result of FVC <100% of the expected value even though they had not received any additional therapy nor had they undertaken other therapeutic measures. It is interesting to note that the changes of the pulmonary functions between the initial and the final measurements were not statistically associated with the number of days between the measurements, nor the participants’  age, height, weight, gender or their smoking habits.

CONCLUSION: The results attained with this research have confirmed that Lošinj is of significant importance to people with pulmonary disorders. Disease remission periods would be significantly prolonged if they spent time on Lošinj during spring and fall months. Furthermore, it is possible to achieve a long-term disease remission by breathing some impeccably clean fresh air, by improving expectoration and reducing coughing, as well as with enriched beneficial aerosol.

In Croatia, and in all of Europe, there has been a general increase in the number of cases of obstructive pulmonary disease and asthma. If our goals are to decrease drug consumption and alleviate their side effects, to implement long-term chronic disease control, to achieve prolonged remission and a decrease of acute inflammatory complications during the winter period, then natural healing and recovery on Lošinj would be a method to achieve such remarkable results.

It is certainly necessary to continue research in cooperation with Croatian pulmonologists so that the benefits of such a recovery, indications and contraindication for individual groups of patients could be thoroughly studied.

Anamarija Margan Šulc, MD, MSc, Internal Medicine Specialist;

Plavec D, Miculinić N, Jakovljević D, Šimičić Đ, Kovačević M

The research has led to the conclusion that spending time on the Island of Lošinj has a beneficial impact on persons with breathing difficulties.