ESPA – EuropeanSPA Certification

A Way to Quality

Pleasant surroundings, charming atmosphere, excellent service, tasty healthy food, great sports facilities, and relaxing massages are the prerequisites for a dream wellness. Naturally, hoping that everything meets your expectations.

When going to a spa, we all have high standards, not only of service, but hygiene and personal security as well. For that reason, we have decided to ensure a high standard of quality for our guests that is testified by the European quality verbiage in the EuropeSpa Wellness seal of quality.


With a breathtaking location overlooking the sparkling Adriatic Sea, the Hotel Punta is an oasis of relaxation and wellbeing.

Europe Spa, developed in cooperation with an independent committee of experts and based on over 30 national and international laws and regulations, monitored by medical and wellness professionals, is an international seal of quality that is awarded to health resorts and spa centres in Europe.

The EuropeSpa certificate system comprises 500 EuropeSpa criteria (according to ESPA), multiple revisions and testimonials, and the certification is based on a professional revision that confirms high quality in terms of service, security, hygiene, and infrastructure.

The following are evaluated:

  • Total quality management and quality assurance;
  • General demands, structural and operative organisations;
  • Assuring quality of wellness resources, including storage conditions for materials such as massage oils, medicinal plants, and essential oils;
  • Infrastructure (medical area, SPA centre, fitness, presentation, environment);
  • Swimming pool and sauna area, including treatment with pool water;
  • Food and beverage;
  • Accommodation and environment;
  • Service, especially in the spa centre.

Independent and professional revisions are in place to ensure transparency and quality of the certification system on the European level. During the revision, EuropeSpa experts place themselves in the position of a guest and provide a “backstage” view to the hotel and spa managers.

During three years, this hotel’s wellness was revised twice, and anonymous controls were undertaken in the meantime.

“EuropeSpa certificate is implemented to guarantee longterm economic success, setting high criteria of quality in wellness. With the certification of the Vitality Zone, our goal is to demonstrate the quality of our performance in an efficient and authentic manner following the methods that guarantee security and top quality for continuous improvement and success. “ Drita Mužić, Wellness Manager, Vitality Hotel Punta