ECARF – European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation Certificate

Seal Of Quality for allergy-friendly hotels

Vitality Hotel Punta advocates the philosophy of holidaying in harmony with pristine healing nature that surrounds it. Before receiving the ECARF certificate, it was one of the first Croatian hotels where it was possible to pre-order food without allergens or ingredients that cause allergies according to individual’s sensitivity.

Following thorough preparations, the ECARF’s recognition has confirmed the high standards that the Vitality Hotel Punta has adopted in food preparation, as well as in all other segments of the offer, thus creating a place where a guest can, through a specially designed offer, create new, healthy habits and enjoy a unique experience of the natural environment.

Getting the status of anti-allergy hotel, apart from special standards in food preparation meant that Punta had to meet an array of other ECARF conditions such as avoid use of plants that cause allergies (allergy-causing grasses, hazel, birch, or olive), set up pet-free zones, plant flower pots according to hydro-culture principle to reduce risk of mould, and finally provide personal hygiene products for people with sensitive skin (such as perfume-free cosmetics or soaps without allergens).

ECARF (European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation) is a non-profit organisation located at the Clinic for Dermatology, Venereology, and Allergology of the Medical University of Berlin. It is also an interdisciplinary institution for treatment, research, and knowledge exchange in the field of allergology in collaboration with Allergie-Centrum-Charité.

Through their work and awarding the Seal of Quality certificate, ECARF is trying to contribute to the expert knowledge on allergies, and raise public awareness about them in Europe.

With its work and by awarding the Seal of Quality certificate, ECARF is developing scientific research on allergies and is trying to enlighten the public on the subject of allergies in Europe.

Selected ECARF criteria:

Hotel rooms

  • provide personal hygiene products for sensitive skin.
  • Perfume-free or hypoallergenic soaps, shampoos, and creams available upon request.

Pets in the hotel

  • with prior notice, only on certain floors or in areas separated from allergy-free rooms.
  • safe Pet-free zone


  • option to pre-order meals without allergy-causing ingredients, based on individual’s sensitivity.

Information at the reception, in rooms, or on website

  • feature Allergy-friendly Hotel
  • safe pet-free and smoke-free zones
  • feature proven quality – ECARF seal and Quality logo


Our staff have regular training on allergy awareness, especially the staff working in food and drink department, and housekeeping staff.