BOSK – gluten free standard

Lošinj Vitality Hotel Punta - the first hotel on the Adriatic with certified gluten-free offer

An oasis of relaxation and a healing retreat, Vitality Hotel Punta from the Lošinj Hotels&Villas portfolio, has acquired the BOSK Gluten-Free Standard and thus become more accessible to people on the gluten-free diet.

Vitality Hotel Punta, the first in a series of hotels, villas and restaurants of the Lošinj brand Hotels&Villas, has implemented strict standards of the first Croatian gluten-free certificate and thus became the first hotel on the Adriatic and proud holder of the BOSK Gluten-Free Standard. Trained in the preparation, serving and distribution of gluten-free dishes, hotel and restaurant staff are ready to accommodate people on the gluten-free diet, according to their needs and wishes. This will put the hotel and the island of Lošinj on the map of the gluten-free travel destinations.

Recent studies confirm that gluten is one of the most common food allergens. It is estimated that today’s Europe counts more than 70 million people who are gluten sensitive and intolerant, 190 million people who avoid wheat and gluten because they experience harmful health effects and 11 million people suffering from celiac disease, an autoimmune disorder in which the body mistakenly reacts to gluten. Among them are numerous tourists who avoid foods that contain gluten in their diets for health reasons and choose Croatia as their holiday destination, but, until now, have not had the possibility of consuming gluten-free meals. These, as well as many other gluten-related facts as well as the personal experience of the developer of the standard, Denis Delogu, have led to the development of the BOSK Gluten-Free Standard, which will enable people in the gluten-free diet group to enjoy dining in restaurants and hotels.


The BOSK Gluten-Free Standard is intended for caterers and provides them with practical knowledge about the preparation, serving and distribution of gluten-free dishes. It was developed on the basis of scientifically proven and globally accepted food safety protocols, and is based on the HACCP principles as well as the principles of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Good Hygiene Practice (GHP). The Standard is developed with the aim to avoid the risk of gluten contamination of meals and desserts and prescribes production process protocols as well as corrective measures in case of suspected gluten contamination.

This way, Vitality Hotel Punta, the holder of the BOSK Gluten-Free Standard, has completed its diverse offer primarily focused on the concept of healthy eating and living. Meals that are tailor-made to guests’ personal requirements are the reason why Vitality Hotel Punta is the best choice for all those who come to Lošinj in search of health programs that are created and implemented under the watchful eye of the internist, nutritionist, and wellness and spa therapists and kinesiologists.

A 4-star hotel Vitality Hotel Punta is one of six hotels and restaurants, and villas and apartments of the hotel brand Lošinj Hotels&Villas. Apart from the 4-star hotel service with narrowly specialized offer that can accommodate different requests and needs, there are also 5-star hotels in the Čikat cove that stand out with their specific premium offer.