Vita – Massage and Health Improvement Studio

"In a healthy body is a healthy mind"

Our holistic approach to every patient is guided by the maxim “A healthy mind in a healthy body”, whose application originates in the Antiquity. Physical, psychological, and emotional health were monitored by the father of modern medicine, Hippocrates, who prescribed proper diet, rest, or gymnastics as therapy, depending on his patients’ state.

Greek philosophers like Socrates and Aristotle also advocated the importance of addressing personal needs on all levels of the patient’s life and activities, because they considered it an essential prerequisite for complete well-being. The aim was to consolidate good interpersonal relations, physical and breathing exercises, and the acquisition of philosophical knowledge and wisdom.

Vita Studio offers programmes of physical therapy, massage, gymnastics, and manual techniques, as well as general physiotherapy evaluations. Our studio is registered for providing massage and other techniques that improve health. Trainings can be in groups or individual.

As part of physical therapy we provide electrotherapy, paraffin compresses, and therapeutic ultrasound.

Would you like to please your body and spirit? Visit us and try our yoga or pilates classes, corrective gymnastics for children, or exercises for pregnant women.

Vita Studio also offers lymphatic drainage with indigenous essential oils such as rosemary, lavender or pine-tree which are ideal for reducing pain and relaxing. For therapeutic and prevention purposes we conduct different manual techniques, primarily Emmett and Bowen.

It is important to stress that all services are carried out under the guidance of Ms. Ana Banić, MSc physiotherapist, certified pilates and yoga instructors, and Bowen and Emmett certified therapists.