Internal Medicine Clinic

Anamarija Margan Šulc, MD, MSc


Anamarija Margan Šulc, MD, MSc, graduated from the Medical University in Zagreb in 1984 and specialised in internal medicine at the prestigious KBC Rebro where she obtained her Master’s degree in clinical pharmacology. During her 10-year tenure at the KBC Rebro and Sestre milosrdnice clinic in Zagreb, she completed her post-graduate studies in epidemiology and ultrasound diagnostics.

She is author of many papers and several scientific research. Her work has been presented at a great number of professional and scientific symposiums in Croatia and abroad, and they were published in both Croatian and international medical journals. She is a member of Croatian Medical Chamber and European Medical Association.

In the course of over 20 years of working on the islands Cres and Lošinj, she conducted several projects on health protection of the island’s population, among which were introduction of telemedicine remote diagnostics and telemedicine network of several Adriatic islands with clinical hospitals on the mainland as reference points.

She has launched and is in charge of internal medicine clinics that are equipped with state of the art medical equipment in Aurora, Bellevue, and Punta hotels on the island of Lošinj. In addition to clinical examination and implementation of health programmes, the clinics provide ultrasound and laboratory diagnostics. Her working languages are English and Italian.

With extensive professional experience and independence in her work, she pays great attention to individual approach to each patient. Over the years in practice, she has acquired skills specific to medical work with the island’s population and foreign guests. Understanding the cultural environment from which the patient comes and applying it to this kind of approach, as well as devoting time to the patient and/or guests in the programme of medical rehabilitation, she provides individualised communication that is based on trust which leads to an efficient treatment and recovery.

During the last couple of years she is actively involved in projects of health tourism and development of medical programmes for guests within the tourism offer of the Jadranka d.d. hotel group. One of these include a programme of pulmonary rehabilitation in cooperation with the Croatian Respiratory Society and Croatian Medical Chamber.


  • Detailed specialist internist examination
  • EKG with results analysis
  • Spirometry (measuring pulmonary function with a spirometer)
  • Examination and diagnostics with modern ultrasound (neck and thyroid, abdominal cavity, muscles and joints)
  • Treatment of acute and chronic diseases (hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, pulmonary diseases, stomach diseases, pancreas, intestines, liver, gallbladder, kidney, bladder, diabetes, cholesterol, thyroid disorders)


  • Laboratory results (complete laboratory testing, hormones, tumour markers) in cooperation with top laboratories Equipment:
  • EKG – MOTARA ELI 250 (with results analysis)
  • Ultrasound – Siemens ACUSON X 150
  • Spirometer – Spiro-lab 200
  • Laboratory testing in cooperation with partner laboratories

NOTE: If you have a specific diagnosis, please bring all test results and medical documentation. If there is a need for additional diagnostic evaluation, the patient will be referred to our partner medical institution.