Healthy Breathing Workshop

Healthy breathing exercises, Camping Čikat

PROPER BREATHING WORKSHOP IS INTENDED FOR: Anyone who wishes to learn how to breathe deeply, whether they have respiratory problems or not.

PROGRAMME OBJECTIVE: Demonstrate breathing techniques and teach the participants how to maximise the opportunity to breath in clear sea aerosol.

EXPECTED RESULTS: Regular application of the techniques acquired during the stay on Lošinj can improve the quality of breathing, reduce minor ailments, and achieve long-term improvement in lung capacity.

SESSIONS: Fridays from 8:30-9:15 am

LOCATION: volleyball court at the Čikat Camp

PARTICIPANTS: The animation team and guests

LANGUAGE: Croatian / English / Italian / German


DURATION: ~ 45 min


NOTE: only for guests of the Čikat Camp

CANCELLATION: Proper Breathing Workshop will be cancelled in case of rain or bad weather, and if the number of registered participants is less than a minimum. Registered participants will be notified one day in advance in case of cancellation, should it be possible to predict.

RESERVATION: Not necessary