First Quality Air

Clean air on the island of Lošinj is a symbol of quality of life.

A combination of an ideal air temperature and humidity is a proof of top quality air of the island of Lošinj.

The quality of air has dramatically improved over the last 18 years thanks to strict control of the biggest polluters on land and the introduction of unleaded petrol.

The air on the island of Lošinj shows only traces of carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and other flying particles very rarely and they are cleared by high air flow, large amounts of rainfall, and winds. On top of that, the air on Lošinj is enriched by aromatic herbs, their essential oils, and sea aerosol.


Visit the island of Lošinj and take a deep breath of clean, scented air that helps you breathe, puts you in a good mood, and refreshes your lungs.

Measurement of air quality

At the initiative of the Town of Mali Lošinj and the Tourist Board, the air quality in Veli Lošinj was measured in the period from February 2007 until January 2008.

As expected, the research has shown that the improvement in fuel quality and the lower effect of remote transport on air pollution have lead to 2-7 times lower concentrations of SO2.  The concentration of smoke was 50-100% lower compared to the measurements 15 years ago. Also, the content of lead and cadmium in sediments has fallen drastically, although the amount of deposited matter was on the same level as in 1980s. Additionally, the acidity has fallen significantly which only confirms the success of local and global actions in preventing and reducing the rate of pollution over the last decades.

Prepared by: Irena Dlaka


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 Healing Island of Lošinj

 Health on the Island of Vitality

Did you know that the island of Lošinj is ideal for the treatment of respiratory diseases as opposed to urban centres that have a constant growth in patients with chronic obstructive bronchitis, allergic asthma, or COPD?