Island cuisine and local products

Visit and taste Lošinj!

The original Mediterranean cuisine of Lošinj, rich in scents and flavours, is prepared traditionally with the gifts of nature and chefs’ imagination.

The deep, great, and clear Adriatic Sea, together with natural resources that Lošinj abounds served as an inspiration for many dishes prepared according to our grandparents’ recipes. With high quality ingredients in the dishes of Lošinj, look for thematic menus of Lošinj captains and the story of the glorious history our sailors.

More about the island's cuisine, traditional specialities of Lošinj and recipes can be found in local books of Lošinj. Visit the Island of Vitality.

In the fragrant restaurants you can taste seafood, homemade pasta, pelagic and white fish, olive oil, and local herbs. You can rest assured these are the flavours you will love instantly and take every opportunity to get back to them. In addition to white fish and lamb, grab this chance to try risottos and salads made with Lošinj’s wild herbs, fish stew, and squid or octopus dishes. Enjoy the local liqueurs and sweets, and jams made from local citrus fruits.

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