Island of Lošinj, the integral part of the Cres-Lošinj islands in the Kvarner, is connected with the mainland by road, air, and sea.

If you decide to visit Lošinj by car, it’ll be a great choice because the road connections of the Croatian coast and central European countries are superb. Exceptionally in summer it is possible to run into shorter delays at the border crossings. Our motorways charge tolls, which is also the case with some bridges and tunnels.

If you are arriving on Lošinj by bus, Rijeka – Mali Lošinj line operates several times a day, while Zagreb – Mali Lošinj line operates twice a day. In summer, there is a direct bus connection with Ljubljana.  There is also a local bus connecting all hotels with the centre of Mali Lošinj.

There are also direct lines from Mali Lošinj to Zagreb, Zadar, Pula, and Rijeka and their airports which makes the arrival to our island much easier.

Mali Lošinj also has an airport that can currently accommodate only smaller Cessna aircrafts, however, plans for expansion are in place which would allow operation of bigger passenger airplanes.

Islands Cres and Lošinj are connected to the mainland by ferry lines Merag – Valbiska and Porozina – Brestova, while Lošinj also has a ferry connection to Zadar (Premuda- Silba- Olib- Ist) and a boat to smaller islands of Susak, Ilovik, and Unije.

In addition to all above, there is also a daily catamaran line connecting Mali Lošinj with Rijeka and Cres, with stops on smaller islands of Susak, Ilovik, and Unije.

Island of Ilovik has a direct line with Lošinj at the bay of Mrtvaška on the southern part of the island.

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