Wellness as a Lifestyle

Good health – wellness on Lošinj

Sir A. Johnson mentioned wellness for the first time in his monograph from 1654 as a term that describes good health. Since the 1950s, the term has been used in many languages to define a certain approach to a healthy way of life.

Unique treatments and individual approach to each client, bearing in mind their needs, general health condition, and goals, is what makes Lošinj’s wellness centres special. Preparations for face and body are made from medicinal plants and other indigenous plant products like coloured clay, algae, organic essential oils and hydrolats, cold-pressed unrefined vegetable oils, and raw materials such as ground olive pits or apricot kernels.

Our treatments, especially those that require preparation of formulas on the spot or those created for local wellness centres, cannot be found anywhere else. We also use beauty products of world-renowned manufacturers.

Upon request, our treatments can start with wellness rituals which are a great basis for what follows. Whether it is a chat with the client, breathing exercises or a cup of home made tisane, we will make you feel relaxed and ready for the treatments that use special lines of multi-purpose products for the care of body, hands, feet or nails.

What makes us a cut above the rest is the Outdoor Spa – a massage that is performed outdoors in a thick 100-year-old pine-tree forest with a view of the sea. The mild Mediterranean climate is precisely the reason why it is possible to do it even in autumn or winter and the aromatherapy of island’s scents with definitely complement this experience.

Find your peace and relax on the Island of Vitality!

While you’re thinking about visiting Lošinj, don’t forget to include wellness in your everyday lives. Make sure you eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly. After a stressful day, enjoy a relaxing treatment with luxury products for facial and body care.

Live wellness through:

  • healthy diet
  • regular exercise
  • relaxation methods (trainings, meditation, sauna, and massage)
  • luxury products


Look at the attachments:

 Healing Island of Lošinj

 Health on the Island of Vitality


We offer you an unforgettable experience. The combination of the healing properties of the island of Lošinj, fitness and wellness, and experienced therapists will help you find your peace on the Island of Vitality!