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Breathe Lošinj through five senses, four stories of Lošinj's history, three festivals, two globally recognized brands and a single experience!


Professional health services

The uniqueness of health services of the island of Lošinj is reflected in a blend of Western conventional medicine that relies on natural methods of treatment. The medical specialists who work on the island are very familiar with the medicinal properties that the nature has on human health. Modern global trends in health programmes promote education, healthy lifestyle that includes a healthy diet, physical activity, and also prevention programmes and rehabilitation from chronic diseases with the aim of preserving health or improving quality of life. Together with the centuries-old tradition of health tourism, this trend is one of the main features of the offer on the island of vitality.

Weather on Lošinj

Average temperature over the year °C °F

  • January
    11° 13°
  • February
    1° 10°
  • March
    13° 17°
  • April
    16° 19°
  • May
    17° 20°
  • June
    22° 25°
  • July
    25° 29°
  • August
    24° 28°
  • September
    19° 23°
  • October
    16° 20°
  • November
    10° 12°
  • December
    8° 13°