Absorbing knowledge and experience on the Island Of Vitality

Apoxyomenos is an excellent illustration of a Latin maxim “Mens sana in corpore sano“‒ "A healthy mind in a healthy body".

We learn and enjoy the Island of Vitality

Do you dream of fresh air, beaches, blue sea, pine forests, running in nature? “Oh, if I only I could be at the seaside just for a moment…”

Dear students, we have decided to fulfil your dreams. Take your suitcase and #takeabreath!

This is a great opportunity to relax in an oasis of sea and peace and at the same time train your mind and body with the help of experts from various intellectual fields and teams of fitness instructors.

Explore Lošinj, an island located in the heart of Kvarner, with a great perspective, great investment process and a success in implementing sustainable development.

Wish yourself the learning and relax on the Island of Vitality, explore Lošinj and book our package: Absorbing knowledge and experience on the Island Of Vitality!

Destination with a story – we organize a training area and workshops on the island of Lošinj, as they were arranged in ancient times, 2000 years ago" A healthy mind in a healthy body " - a combination of physical exercise and intellectual stimulation: puzzles, quizzes, learning about Lošinj, the sea, dolphins, sustainable development in practice, responsible tourism.


Sports loving students will be offered a wide range of sports. You get to choose from various options ranging from jogging in the nature, tennis, hiking on the highest peak of the island Osoršćica, different races to water sports such as windsurfing, kayaking and many others.

We found the solutions for relax: you are welcome to enjoy Wellness&SPA treatments designed and tailored to your needs, to raise energy and help achieve better results.

Walks along a 180 km long promenades on the 5 islands of the archipelago, and breathe in the scent of the pine trees and the sea; exercise morning jogging, fitness, yoga…

The paths run across the islands of Cres (Punta Križa), Lošinj, Ilovik, Susak and Unije. Our wish is to enrich your unforgettable experience with the sights and beauties of the islands of the Lošinj archipelago!

At the workshops of the Mediterranean cuisine learn how to prepare a healthy meal within minutes. Make natural cosmetics and learn how people nurtured themselves in ancient times in relation to the modern way of life; at aromatherapy workshops learn which essential oils can help improve your concentration and learning, and which help you sleep better.

We will take you on an adventure through time from classical antique to the Lošinj captains and Ambroz Haračić – “originator of today’s pine forests and Lošinj tourism”.

In addition to a visit to the Museum of Apoxyomenos, a bronze statue found in the waters of Lošinj, we will take you to the ancient town of Osor and show you the Annunziata Church sitting in one of the oldest and currently most luxurious coves, where Lošinj women waited for their seamen and captains in the 19th century.

Do you like the sea? The dolphins? You have never had the opportunity to see dolphins in the wild? We recommend you to visit the Blue World Institute of Marine Research. Explore the Lošinj archipelago by taking the “Dolphin watching” boat trip. The special feature of this program is that our dolphins are not waiting in an indoor pool, but move freely within waters.

The island of sand, Susak, is a wonder of nature. Learn how it is formed and how it has evolved to this day. Take pictures or record a gif with Sansigot and share it on our Facebook page and take part in the contest.

Ilovik, the island of flowers. Is there anything more beautiful than rich vegetation by the clear blue sea? Yes there is: a selfie with rich vegetation by the clear blue sea. Take part in the “photo contest” on one of the trips to Ilovik.

On the way to Ilovik, visit the most beautiful lookout called Providence and learn something about 1100 different indigenous species of wild plants in the Fragrant garden.

Do you want to learn more in the field of tourism – new intellectual experience? We will share with you our experience in projects with which we, as a small island and a small community, thrilled the world, won European and international awards, and got involved in the projects.

APOXYOMENOS (2nd – 1st century B.C.) The antique bronze statue of an athlete, 192 cm tall, taken from the sea bed between the islet of Vele Orjule and the island of Lošinj on 27 April 1999, is the only large bronze found to date on the eastern coast of the Adriatic.

Do you still ask yourself why Lošinj?

#breatheLosinj with all your senses:

  • see the culture and attractions from classical antiquity to the present day and learn something new about the destination
  • taste the cuisine of the Mediterranean and classical antiquity and learn how to prepare such specialties with healthy, natural ingredients
  • touch and experience the islands of Lošinj archipelago
  • breathe in the scent of 1100 species of various indigenous plants while running in a pine forest
  • listen to the sound of the sea, dolphins, birds and crickets
  • feel the need for balance and #breatheLosinj !
We learn and enjoy the Island of Vitality!