Stress Adieu!

Stress relief programme

It is scientifically proven that a prolonged state of stress leads to many chronic and malignant diseases and permanently disrupts the spiritual and physical balance of the human organism. It is important to allocate some time to relax and restore your body and spiritual energy in order to preserve your freshness, serenity and health. This programme gives equal importance to your physical as well as your spiritual health. A multidisciplinary approach enables each client to achieve a long-lasting sense of relaxation and wellbeing in a short time. Under the supervision of physicians, nutritionists, kinesiologists and wellness therapists your body will soon achieve its physical and mental balance. Stress Adieu!

Stress leaves scars on our emotions, our body and mind, and negatively affects our health, this is why we have to prevent its impact and protect ourselves from its consequences.

Say goodbye to stress and say it in style!


  • People exposed to stressful situations
  • People who feel exhausted and lack energy
  • People who live in urban centres and are burdened with obligations
  • People who wish to take a preventive action with respect to their health
  • People who know that spending time outdoors is a perfect way to regain balance of their spirit and body
Aside from the treatments that are performed in the hotel, we recommend spending as much time as possible outdoors to enjoy the climate and the natural healing factors of the island.