Improve your health by staying on the island of Lošinj. Be active and profit from a rich sports offer.


The island of Lošinj, a gem hidden in the deep blue of the clear Adriatic sea, offers 28 tennis courts owned by the Jadranka Group which are split into three zones: Sunčana Bay, Veli Lošinj – Punta, and Čikat, the most luxurious area of the island. A characteristic of tennis on the island is the ability to play it outdoors year-round on 26 clay courts (2 of which hard). This has brought an increase in guests who play this sport and resulted in a higher number of organised competitions and tournaments.


Vitality hotel Punta

Fitness & GYM day activites programme (6 – 8 activities per day)

Leading experts in different fields of fitness, medicine, sports, and dance have created group exercises from the Les Mills system that are designed to motivate, advance, and consequently show adequate results. The Les Mills workout is dynamic and fun because of constant change in exercises, and the continuous development of new ways of workout.

The following programmes in the Vitality Hotel Punta meet different approaches and preferences:

BODYBALANCE by Les Mills  is a set of exercises that strengthen the entire body, increase flexibility, and relax your spirit and body. It is a combination of pilates, tai chi, and yoga. This workout increases joint flexibility and range of motion, tones and shapes the body, and improves mental health.

CXWORX by Les Mills aims at the core muscles that are essential to a strong body. Persistence in these exercises will make you better at anything you do, whether in your day-to-day life or practicing your favourite sports. This workout tightens and tones the core muscles, improves functionality, strength, and mobility, and prevents injuries.

BODYPUMP by LesMills shapes and strengthens the body. The main equipment are weights and repetitions. You will quickly see the results and become stronger than ever. It increases strength and stamina, tones and shapes, helps maintain bone health.

Easy breathing is a programme created in an effort to improve the muscles of respiration, supervised by a therapist who delivers breathing techniques in a healing environment, we have developed a programme that provides outdoor group breathing exercises, stretching, and warmup.

Aqua Gym is a group exercise programme in water that combines therapeutic exercises in shallow and deep water and active stretching exercises complemented with a hydro-massage.

Stretch & Walk is a programme that includes group stretching and relaxation programmes in the pine-tree forest by the sea. The aim is to raise awareness on the breathing of every participant in a fun way and awaken all muscles. These exercises can be done on daily basis.

Nordic walking is a programme that is conducted near the Vitality Hotel Punta to assure proper breathing during walks by the sea or through the forest by using poles.

Jogging is an outdoors programme that is created to suit the group’s pace, their abilities, and needs.

Along these, we recommend the following programmes that you can join at an extra cost:

Absolute Fit is an intense programme of customised activities that are performed either individually or in small groups

Pure Relieve is an individual or a small group programme that stimulates lymphatic circulation by means of anti-stress massages and workouts.

Individual trainings: learn how to exercise properly with support from kinesiologists.

Climbing rock: learn the basics of free climbing on a 7 m high climbing rock with trainers from the Croatian Mountaineering Society.

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Individual programmes/individual trainings – learn how to exercise properly with support from kinesiologists :

  • TONE

Nordic walking: climbing accompanied by a trainer

Correct exercise with educated yoga and pilates trainers:

  • Yoga: individual and group programmes (3-15 people)
  • Pilates: individual and group programmes (3-15 people)