Body shaping and weight loss programme

Promises of quick weight loss diets based on starvation are deceiving, because once you go back to a normal diet, the weight comes back. Each person requires an individual approach and a personalised programme of losing weight and maintaing it. The problem of excess body weight needs to be dealt with in a  comprehensive, integrated and holistic way, rather than in spurts and fad diets. Losing weight is a process that takes time and requires willingness, discipline and a complete interdisciplinary approach.

Our Silhouette programme is designed in collaboration with nutritionists, kinesiologists and physicians and is carried out under the supervision of Anamarija Margan-Šulc, Spec. Internal Medicine, M.Sc. A personalised Mediterranean diet, exercise with a personal trainer and selected body shaping treatments will help you take control of your body weight and adopt healthy habits, while enjoying the new Hotel Bellevue situated in the unique surroundings of ancient pinewoods of the Čikat Forest Park, close to the sea.

A controlled weight loss is a process that requires time, willpower, discipline, and a complete interdisciplinary approach.


  • Overweight people who wish to lose weight
  • People who wish to shape their body
  • People who wish to learn about balanced diet
  • People who wish to take action to reduce risk factors associated with excess weight
  • People who want to take control over their body weight
  • People who wish to develop healthy habits
Weight loss programme is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women, people under the age of 18, underweight people (BMI < 18,5 kg/m2) and people with neoplasms and terminal illnesses.