Health preservation programme with a preventive internal medicine examination

The programme is designed for healthy persons with the purpose of prevention and early detection of diseases. Your lifestyle, gene pool, habits, working environment, type of work and the stress that goes with it affect your health. Some hereditary diseases will be manifested in inappropriate conditions, while others will develop due to the circumstances in which you live and work, or due to bad habits. The Santé! programme detects early signs of a disease, lifestyle factors, risk factors that could lead to the development of chronic diseases that significantly affect the quality of your life.

Preventive internal medicine examination is especially important for persons who are exposed to great stress, which can cause many chronic or malignant diseases. Today, working people have very little time for themselves – combine business with pleasure – a holiday that includes a medical examination for improving the quality of your life. This programme consists of a thorough physical examination performed by Anamarija Margan-Šulc, MD, M.Sc. It also includes nutrition consultation on healthy eating habits, consultation with a personal trainer who will show you a proper way to exercise, as well as relaxing, luxury spa treatments, all in the new Hotel Bellevue.

Preventive internal medicine examination should be done at least once a year for the purpose of early detection of diseases or risk factors that can lead to the development of chronic diseases.


  • People who wish to learn about the state of their health
  • People who have neglected their bodies due to everyday duties
  • People who wish to take a preventive action with respect to their health
  • People who wish to mix business and pleasure
  • People who want to develop healthy habits
  • People who wish to improve their quality of life
Taking care of your health is much easier if you do it while overlooking the beautiful Čikat Bay, which was a holiday spot of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy.