Renergy de Luxe

Vitality regeneration programme: 7 days or 3 days

Regain your energy and natural vitality of your body!

The programme is recommended for springtime, after the winter months when our diet is low in vitamins and activities limited. It is recommended for people who work long office hours without the possibility of having a healthy eating plan or being active and are exhausted with work.

Slow metabolism and lack of physical activity result in the accumulation of harmful metabolites in our body, fluid retention and fatigue. Fast pace of life prevents timely rest and recovery, which threatens our health, leading to depression, fatigue, headaches, pain in the musculoskeletal system and accelerated aging along with a chronic lack of enthusiasm and energy. Renergy de Luxe is a scientifically based, multidisciplinary programme designed for a fast recovery and restoring your body’s energy. The programme aims to improve your digestion and remove excess fluid from your body.

Hotel Bellevue is the first hotel on the island of Lošinj to be awarded with five stars. Bathed in sunshine, the scent of the sea, and protected by a forest make it an ideal escape from a busy life.


  • People who feel exhausted and lack energy
  • People who are often exposed to stress
  • People who wish to take a preventive action with respect to their health
  • People who realise that it is important to regenerate the organism in order to perform successfully daily tasks
  • People who know that spending time outdoors is a perfect way to regain balance of their spirit and body
This multi-disciplinary programme is adapted to meet everyone's needs.