Re Spiro Junior Programmes

Programmes created for children aged 5 to 18

Pulmonary rehabilitation on Lošinj is based on scientifically founded clinical and diagnostic methods that are combined with natural healing factors and the healing aerosol of the Island of Lošinj, all in accordance with centuries-old medical tradition on Lošinj.Re-Spiro, the pulmonary rehabilitation programmes are designed for people with mild obstructive breathing disorders, and have been developed in cooperation with Croatian Respiratory Association and Srebrnjak Children’s Hospital from Zagreb.

Re-Spiro Junior Programmes

  • Re-Spiro Junior Light: Lung rehabilitation programme for children (7 days)
  • Re-Spiro Junior Express: Conditional lung training for children (14 days)
  • Re-Spiro Junior Max: Lung rehabilitation programme for children (21 days)


  • children with asthma
  • children with chronic bronchitis
  • children living in big cities and constantly exposed to high concentrations of smog
  • children exposed to smoke inhalation, fumes and toxic gases, or those living in polluted areas placing them at risk of developing respiratory diseases
  • children with dyspnea, sedentary children, children who poorly tolerate physical effort and are deprived of everyday activities
  • children that are not physically active
  • children suffering from colds very often
  • children with rhinosinusitis


  • asthma
  • chronic bronchitis
  • dyspnea
  • prevention and maintenance of good condition of the respiratory system
  • COPD (1st and 2nd degree according to GOLD classification)
  • rhinosinusitis


  • Reduce disease symptoms, especially the degree of dyspnea
  • improve quality of life
  • improve performance in physical activities in everyday life
  • independence and feeling of general condition
  • improved feeling of disease control
  • reduce anxiety and depression
  • reduce hospitalization because relapses are less frequent and hospitalization is of shorter duration