Lošinj sails around the world

September 2018

We have created a festival called Lošinj Sails Around the World hoping to show our guests and our locals a little piece of that famous period and introduce them to a rich and interesting life of capable, hardworking, devoted, and brave captains, sailors, shipbuilders, and shipowners that made Lošinj the maritime centre of the eastern Mediterranean in the 19th century.

We invite you to sign up and participate in our events.

The period of the captains and sailors of Lošinj, mostly from 1853 to 1884, is proudly known as the golden era of rich historical and cultural heritage of our island.


During the festival, we have organized many sporting events such as regattas of pasara with ores or old sailing ships, Lošinj half-marathon, Apoxyomenos swimming marathon, or the Euro-African Championship in spearfishing hosted by our famous island, popularly referred to as the capital of spearfishing.

Take the opportunity to visit the exhibition of sailing ships of the Tarabocchia family or learn to prepare seafood dishes in the cooking school. Take the time to get to know the sea and all the benefits it offers.

Sign up and participate in the swimming race in one of our water programmes. Take a walk on promenades of Lošinj’s captains and attend a simulated sendoff of captains at Annunziata. Visit the Blue World and go dolphin watching or adopt one.

Discover Lošinj by creating a maritime map in workshops for children and adults. Learn about the various types of boating knots, create picture books about Lošinj’s captains or just stop and listen to stories about the sea, fish or dolphins. Write a letter with your wishes or problems, put it into the bottle and release it into the sea of hope.

Breathe Lošinj!