Lošinj natural cosmetics

Aromatherapy answers the question how to live healthy, feel good, and enjoy the life in the same time.

The inspiration for the unique products we use to tell the story of the glorious Lošinj history, of the tradition and customs of our region, comes from the landscape of the Cres-Lošinj archipelago. The authors of the local products use original methods to convey what makes Lošinj special. Pristine nature, medicinal plants, indigenous flora, wool processing, medicinal tradition are our trump cards, the advantages we are proud of and we deem important.

Modern trends of healthy living that include a healthy diet, physical activities, and programmes of prevention of chronic diseases with the aim of preserving health and improving the quality of life, fall on fertile ground on the island of Lošinj because this is an ideal place for body and spirit rejuvenation.

The island of Lošinj is a place of preserved biodiversity whose beneficial healing factors help in recovery, re-energising, and vitality. These advantages have been noticed by several individuals who used the benefits of local plants and started a line of natural cosmetics from Lošinj.

The advantages of natural cosmetics lie in the fact that they are prepared with only natural ingredients rich in substances that are beneficial for skin’s beauty and health. Lošinj natural cosmetics are special in the sense that the plants used in their creation are indigenous to the islands of Cres and Lošinj, which is one of the most favourable areas in terms of climate for growing aromatic plants. As such, it is a never-ending inspiration for the creators of natural cosmetics.

By offering natural aromatherapy cosmetics, we want to create awareness among consumers and bring them closer to the values of Lošinj’s natural resources. We also wish to make it possible for the visitors to take home a scented reminder in a bottle or a pot that will evoke pleasant emotions and lovely memories of the fragrant island.

The uniqueness and beauty of aromatherapy cosmetics is that they are good for the environment because they don’t contain preservatives and other chemical substances. They stimulate the beauty and health of your body but also touch other levels of you – emotions, spirit, and your mind.

Apoxyomenos cosmetics

Apoxyomenos cosmetics is a project created for the purpose of competition  ANCIENT TIMES AND BRONZE STATUE OF APOXYOMENOS, organised by the Town of Mali Lošinj and its Tourism Board. All interested parties were invited via public announcement to create thematic products, souvenirs, services, etc. As a result of several creative presentations, many souvenirs that have been created are available today in the Museum of Apoxyomenos and souvenir shops in Mali Lošinj.

Mirta Natural Cosmetics created the APOXYOMENOS, a new line of beauty products. It is entirely inspired by the Apoxyomenos and the historical origin of this statue  through the use of original ingredients and its visual identity. Each product contains precious oils and ointments, primarily olive oil, ground olive pits, musk, amber, and iris perfumes, and scented oils.

One of such treatments is the Apoxyomenos Treatment that includes deep body cleanse with a scrub based on olive oil, grape-seed oil, sea salt, dry bay-leaves, essential oils of bay-leaf and orange (inspiration: laurel is a plant of winners because the wreaths made of its leaves were used to crown the winners; orange was considered a heavenly tree in the Antiquity and it was a symbol of beauty, wealth, fertility, and eternal life; Ancient civilization and olive oil are inseparable because it was used not only for food, but for making soaps, in massages, and other beauty treatments).

A unique feature of this treatment is that the scrub is rubbed into skin with a glove made of real wool from Cres, which was custom made for this treatment – its preparation is inspired by the medicinal plants that were commonly used in the Antiquity: olive, almond, marigold, eucalyptus, and orange flower.

Apoxyomenos cosmetics will continue to create new products for facial and body care.

Apoxyomenos cosmetics served as a basis to create numerous body and facial treatments that are offered in hotels, which have also found their inspiration in the Ancient times.

MIRTA Natural Cosmetics

Mirta Natural Cosmetics is a line of cosmetic products that helps you discover the softer side of our archipelago. All preparations are made of 100% natural ingredients, from medicinal plants to herbal and essential oils typical for our region.

Since they are very similar to the skin composition, they are easily absorbed, that is, the skin successfully integrates them in its structure Treat yourself to products from this line and your skin will thank you. It will appear healthier, more beautiful and it will have the peculiar scent of the Cres-Lošinj archipelago.

MIRTA Immortelle Face Cream

moisturizes, nourishes and provides your skin with deep care by using high quality apricot and wheat germ oilsCarrot seed and basil oils tone the skin. The main active ingredient– essential immortelle oil– stimulates skin renewal, diminishes the existing wrinkles and prevents appearance of new wrinkles.

This cream with a rich texture is a true delight for your skin. It is intended for mature facial skin care as a daily cream for normal, dry and sensitive facial skin. It can be used as a night cream for oily skin. It is quickly absorbed, and after it is applied, the skin is pleasantly smooth, silky and taut. It is an excellent foundation for make-up.

Ingredients: apricot and wheat germ herbal oils, essential immortelle, carrot seed and basil oils, immortelle hydrolate.

Bay leaf and orange body scrub 

Busy everyday life filled with stress takes its toll on our skin that loses its glow and has a tired look. The simplest way to help ourselves that doesn’t take too much time is to use a scrub for facial and body care.

Sea salt and dried ground bay leaf remove dead cells, impurities, and accumulated toxins.  They stimulate better blood circulation, reduce water retention, relax the spirit, and return vigour. Olive oil is traditionally used since the Ancient times for a beautiful and radiant skin complexion.

This oil is naturally rich in antioxidants and vitamin E so it will nourish the skin, stimulate regeneration, and restore skin elasticity. Bay leaf essential oil especially stimulates the circulation of lymph and blood so it is often used in preparations for sore muscles, arthritis, and cold and swollen feet. This preparation will encourage further detox of your organism with its effect on liver and kidney function.

Orange essential oil has a similar effect on the body – it stimulates the lymph, reduces swelling, and it is also effective in fighting cellulite. Warm scent of sweet orange dispels negative thoughts and pessimism, and it is recommended for people suffering from lack of energy or depression. In a gentle way it brings back the warmth of the sun to your spirit. After a hard day at work, this product can help you remove the armour of fatigue and stress, nourish your skin, and brighten your mind.

Use: the scrub is applied to the entire wet body, then rubbed in gentle, circular movements from feet towards your heart, and then rinsed. It should be used once a week. For optimal anti-cellulite effect, combine it with BAY LEAF AND ORANGE NATURAL SOAP.


Bay leaf and orange body scrub is a product that will regenerate your body and your mind!

MIRTA Lavender Scented Natural Deodorant

Perspiration is our body’s natural cooling mechanism that also releases body toxins, lowers the stress level and improves the mood. Perspiration does not have an odour. However, when it mixes with the bacteria on the skin, proteins and fatty acids produce an unpleasant odour. MIRTA lavender scented natural deodorant helps prevent the creation of unpleasant odours.

This cream deodorant is a completely natural product that prevents the creation of unpleasant odours and maintains the feeling of freshness throughout the entire day. There are 3 deodorant fragrances: eucalyptus, lavender and patchouli.

MIRTA natural deodorant, in addition to the essential lavender oil, also contains other ingredients. Shae butter stimulates capillary circulation and tissue oxygen supply. This improves the removal of toxins from the body thereby stimulating the effect of perspiration. It also prevents allergic reactions and irritations, specially following hair removal from the armpit area. Coconut butter in this deodorant softens the skin, renews its elasticity and makes it velvety like satin. Its bactericidal and detoxifying activities also need to be emphasized.


Body lotion

Regular use of a body lotion will nourish your skin and prevent flaking.  It has a fine creamy texture, it absorbs quickly, and doesn’t leave an oily feel which is achieved by an optimal combination of cold-pressed cocoa butter and olive oil that make the skin  velvety and soft as silk. This body lotion is enriched with essential oils of sweet orange and grapefruit that stimulate the lymph and have an invigorating effect. It is applied after every bath or shower and it’s great for after-sun skin care.