Vitality Zone Punta

“Vitality for all”

“Vitality for all” is a short description of the Punta Hotel Estate in Veli Lošinj. Its goal is to attract different guests, either those who live an active and healthy lifestyle throughout the year and they want to continue with it on their holiday too, or those who don’t have that much time for sports and are very stressed so they have decided to come to Lošinj to relax and rejuvenate.

Active holidaymakers who come to the island of vitality to elevate their activities know how they want to spend their free time and demand high standards to enjoy fully their visit on Lošinj, its mild Mediterranean climate that provides great environment and encourages sports activities outdoors throughout the year.

The second group of visitors is looking for revitalisation and relaxation of their body and spirit. They often have neither the habit nor motivation for physical activities so they need help, support, and supervision for their customised activities.

The third group of visitors are people who have chosen the island of Lošinj and the Punta Hotel Estate to improve their health and work on general rehabilitation. Although belonging to different age groups, different marital or social status, these guests share a common goal – to improve their psychological and physical condition through a healthy and active lifestyle! We pay special attention to group workouts.

The microclimate of the island of Lošinj, particularly in Veli Lošinj, is beyond comparison. The idea is that our services and programmes create the need for a longer aimed exposure to Lošinj's air and climate and include many elements of our offer (à la carte, wellness, fitness, sports, etc.).

Sadržaji i usluge

Vitality Zona

Vitality Zone of the Wellness Hotel Punta is a newly decorated space of 2750 m2 of modern design and pure lines that reflect the freshness of daily light and clarity.

There are many indoor facilities in the Vitality Zone, as well as green spaces and outdoor programmes.

It offers a view of the Kvarner islands and the Velebit mountain. Reaching to the open sea, the Vitality Zone Punta is a unique environment full of scents of the pine-tree forest and aerosols of the crystal clear sea.

Staying at the Vitality Zone Punta is a perfect opportunity for a guest to profit from all medical services in one place, which include specialist internist examination, EKG examination, blood pressure measuring, spirometry, oximetry, and other internist examinations. We’d like to turn your attention to the Re-Spiro programme of lung rehabilitation for children and adults that was developed in cooperation with top experts and physicians who are members of the Croatian Pulmonary Society.

Our team is also joined by a nutritionist who can quickly determine the body fat levels and evaluate the guest’s dietary status, as well as create a customised dietary plan that provides a support in achieving the goals of each guest.

Our professional team includes top nutritionists, physicians, beauty professionals, kinesiologists, physiotherapists, and SPA therapists who provide their knowledge, expertise, and experience to elevate the services and programmes of the entire Vitality Zone.

Fitness & GYM dnevni program aktivnosti (6 – 8 activities per day)

Leading experts in different fields of fitness, medicine, sports, and dance have created group exercises from the Les Mills system that are designed to motivate, advance, and consequently show adequate results. The Les Mills workout is dynamic and fun because of constant change in exercises, and the continuous development of new ways of workout.

The following programmes in the Vitality Hotel Punta meet different approaches and preferences:

BODYBALANCE by Les Mills  is a set of exercises that strengthen the entire body, increase flexibility, and relax your spirit and body. It is a combination of pilates, tai chi, and yoga.

CXWORX by Les Mills  – this programme aims at the core muscles that are essential to a strong body. Persistence in these exercises will make you better at anything you do, whether in your day-to-day life or practicing your favourite sports.

BODYPUMP  by Les Mills – these exercises shape and strengthen the body and the main tools are weights and repetitions. You will quickly see the results and become stronger than ever.

Easy breathing – in an effort to improve the muscles of respiration, supervised by a therapist who delivers breathing techniques in a healing environment, we have developed a programme that provides outdoor group breathing exercises, stretching, and warmup.

Aqua Gym – group exercise programme in water that combines therapeutic exercises in shallow and deep water and active stretching exercises complemented with a hydro-massage.

Stretch & Walk – this programme includes group stretching and relaxation programmes in the pine-tree forest by the sea. The aim is to raise awareness on the breathing of every participant in a fun way and awaken all muscles. These exercises can be done on daily basis.

Nordic walking – we have created a programme of Nordic walking (walking with poles) near the Vitality Hotel Punta to assure proper breathing during walks by the sea or through the forest.

Jogging – running outdoors at a pace depending on the group, their abilities, and needs.

Along these, we recommend the following programmes that you can join at an extra cost:

Absolute Fit – intense programme of customised activities that are performed either individually or in small groups

Pure Relieve – individual or a small group programme that stimulates lymphatic circulation by means of anti-stress massages and workouts.

All activities included in the accommodation price are a part of regular programmes and are available to all guests of Punta Vitality Hotel Estate (6-8 activities per day). The aim to such an approach is to create an atmosphere of vitality in the vicinity of the Punta Vitality Hotel Estate.

Fitness centre

Fitness centre of the Vitality Hotel Punta provides top Technogym equipment which include isotonic devices for functional and aerobic workout:

Cardio: Vario 500 cross trainer, 2*Jog 500 treadmill, Recline 500 exercise bikes, and Bike 500 exercise bikes.

Strength: Leg extension machine, Leg press machine, Chest press machine, Leg curl machine, Multipower machine, Pectoral machine, LT machine, 4 uses bench, Dual adjustable pulley, Dumbell rack, Lower back bench, and Crunch bench.

We'd like to offer the possibility of outdoor fitness that comprises 12 different workout positions performed in the pine-tree forest with the sea view.

Beauty zone

The concept of our Beauty Vitality Zone is based on rituals, therapeutic and correctional massages under the professional supervision of a senior physiotherapist.

We pay special attention to the use of Lošinj’s natural cosmetics “Mirta”, prepared with carefully chosen organic essential oils, as well as other organic preparations with certifications by the Ecocert® organic cosmetic products.

We provide 9 beauty and treatment chambers, situated in the newly-constructed area of the Vitality Hotel Punta Wellness where all treatments and rituals are performed. We offer the possibility of customised rituals in our treatment chamber for couples and infrared chamber.

SPA zone

Our Spa zone comprises indoor pools with heated sea water where we also offer hydro and air massage. Its size is also perfect for swimming. There are also smaller indoor pools. The mild Mediterranean climate makes it possible to sunbathe outdoors starting from early spring.

Sauna zone includes access to Bio and Finnish sauna, two steam baths, hydro-massage Jacuzzi, outdoor and indoor Relax, 4 refresh massage showers, and Refresh point serving you a boosting drink or fresh fruit.

Visit us, relax with fresh fruit or tea, and enjoy the beautiful view of Velebit, crystal clear sea, and Kvarner islands from our Relax Beauty Zone.

Safety and quality

We conduct regular controls, such as microbiological and hygienic analysis of the water for swimming, while the food and beverages are served according to HACCP standards. All programmes are implemented according to high standards of ESPA.

Additionally, since 2014 our hotel has carried the EuropeSpa Hotel spa certificate, which makes it the first wellness hotel in Croatia that has been certified by an attestation of quality in terms of SPA infrastructure, hygiene, safety, quality management, and quality of service. 

Awards and certificates

Vitality Zone Punta has received many awards and certificates for quality and service:

  • ESPA – FINALIST of the ESPA Innovation Awards 2015 – Category “INNOVATIVE SPA HOTEL” 2015.
  • “Mystery guest on the island of Lošinj” – certificate of quality of service for 2015
  • “Mystery guest on the island of Lošinj” – certificate of quality of service for 2016
  • Spafinder WELLNESS TRAVEL AWARDS 2016 – Best in Croatia
  • ECARF – Seal Of Quality for allergy-friendly hotels 2014
  • ESPA – EuropeSpa Hotel Spa certificate quality SPA infrastructure, safety, hygiene, management, services 2014
  • ISO certificate 9001:2008 for quality management
  • ISO 14001:2004 for environmental management
  • ISO 50001 for energy management