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Theme: sport, health, and vitality Cres-Lošinj Archipelago

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Breathe Lošinj!

Welcome to the Cres-Lošinj Archipelago!

Aside from its beneficial effect on the respiratory organs, the climate on Lošinj brings many other advantages that are combined with the latest medical knowledge and achievements in our carefully designed health programmes. This is our way of helping you improve your health with elements of our island. These are primarily the nature, sports, tasty cuisine, wellness treatments but also special health programmes, educational programmes, excursions carried by the scents of local plants, sea aerosols, and culture.

Although the modern life brings many advantages, especially when we talk about the way we live and the fast technological advancement, we do realise on daily basis that the health  holds the most important place in it.

This is the reason why accommodation on Lošinj offers its guests a holiday in a beautiful natural environment with possibilities of participating in modern medical treatments and programmes, as well as specialised medical exams as a disease prevention. Find your peace and health on Lošinj – although you will surely find much more.

In an effort to present and promote the products of the Jadranka Group and the local community, we have joined the culture and tradition of health with sports and in a modern and innovative way created the Festival of Health, suitable for all age groups.

In a unique way, our island brings together all the advantages that you will benefit from while staying here, such as natural healing factors, clean sea and top air quality, mild climate, and aromatic scents of essential oils. All these features will have an impact on you, calm you down, and make you happier, while revitalising the cracked vitality of your body.

Given all the above, in 1892 Austrian government declared Veli and Mali Lošinj climate health resorts. For this reason the island is now famous around the world as a climate spa.

Visit us and learn about the benefits of our island! Offer your family or your business team a healthy and active holiday.

Favourable climate conditions of the island of Lošinj were recognised in the late 19th century by renowned Viennese medical experts which were confirmed by Dr Conrad Clar and Prof. Ambroz Haračić in their meteorological observations and research.


Welcome to Lošinj, the island of vitality. Take this chance and taste juices, smoothies, cocktails, and teas in LH&V hotels. Try the benefits of natural aromatherapy. Learn about healthy cooking or how to decorate the plates with flowers at Mediterranean and aroma-cuisine workshops.

Accept the challenge and participate in competitions in as much as 15 different sports in only one week (mountain climbing, tennis, running, swimming, water polo, kayaking, wind surfing, Les Mills, climbing, water skiing, dance, diving, pilates, and yoga on surfboards).

Take a walk on the Footpath of Vitality or go on a hike on St. Gaudentius Trails. Compete in an educational quiz on aromatherapy and health, created for children and adults. Learn about cultivating wild plants in our training sessions.

For relaxation, we recommend visiting wellness centres and SPA Party. Don’t miss our treatments “Susak” and “Ilovik”, as well as hair treatments. Take the wellness with you in our package SPA 2 GO.

Make time for yourself and your health. Focus on a healthy diet and other programmes to reduce body weight that are carried out by the professional staff of the Hotel Bellevue.

Being overweight is not only an aesthetic but a genuine health issue that requires a serious, integral, and holistic approach. Losing weight is a complex process that demands discipline, willpower, time, and interdisciplinary approach, so we invite you to try our programmes.

We have also created programmes for people with bronchial difficulties and pulmonary rehabilitation programmes.

Don’t forget to take home a souvenir. We recommend home-made natural cosmetics “Mirta” which will make you remember the scents of Lošinj for a long time. Your body and your mind will be grateful.

Alongside a professional medical team, your health will improve thanks to the natural healing factors, which are the reason why the island of Lošinj was declared climate health resort in 1892. These factors include mild climate, solar radiation with an average of 2,631 hours of sunshine per year, controlled and impeccably clear sea water, sea aerosol with particles of salt in the air, sea peloid (mud), algae in the waters of Lošinj (265 species) and vegetation, clean air, and the presence of pollen from trees such as olive, pine-tree, and juniper, and various aromatic plants in summer.

Do you still ask yourself why Lošinj?

#breatheLosinj with all your senses:

  • see the culture and attractions from classical antiquity to the present day and learn something new about the destination
  • taste the cuisine of the Mediterranean and classical antiquity and learn how to prepare such specialties with healthy, natural ingredients
  • touch a rock and the sea, hug a pine tree, and experience the islands of Lošinj archipelago
  • breathe in the scent of 1100 species of various indigenous plants while walking in a pine forest
  • listen to the sounds of the sea, the whistles of dolphins, the singing of birds and crickets
  • make a decision and #breatheLosinj