Cooking Schools

Education on healthy ingredients

A Taste of Vitality**** & High Vitality Cooking***** Cooking Schools

Sail into the ancient times and feel the heat of the kitchen with the help of our famous chefs. Play with Mediterranean ingredients and learn how to prepare top specialities. Listen to experts and learn about the use of organic groceries, value of food, reaction of groceries to the environment, temperature, how to treat groceries, and how to pair them.

After finalising your dish and just before tasting it, learn about wine and food pairings with our sommelier.

Cooking schools accept groups of 2-10 people.

LOCATIONS : Restaurant Hotel Aurora**** , Restaurant Bava Hotel Bellevue*****

Offer includes:

  • Top chefs who explain the processes of cooking,
  • Ingredients,
  • Working clothes,
  • Education with sommelier on wine and food pairings,
  • Wine tasting,
  • 3-course meal.

Duration: 3-4 hours with tasting

Price****: from 863,00 HRK per person

Price*****: from 1075,00 HRK per person

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