Aura Botanical Spa Garden

Indulge yourself with the magic of body and mind awakening. Inner harmony is necessary for a high-quality and successful living.

Hotel Aurora offers a unique natural wellness concept – Aura Botanical Spa Garden. Specially designed treatments in harmony with the environment, rich untouched nature, will provide a special wellness experience. We use only the highest quality nourishing and essential oils with an emphasis on those from organic growth as well as the luxurious natural cosmetics for special treatments.

Through consultations with a therapist, you can choose a healing oil mixture that suits your needs and mood best. The therapist will prepare the oil blend in front of you. Moreover, some treatments are performed outdoors, so along with the sound of waves and the smell of the century-old pine forest, you can experience the full relaxation.

At the Aura Botanical Spa Garden, time is on your side!


For decades, the Hotel Aurora has been a synonym for the finest vacations in one of the most beautiful inlets of the island of Lošinj, Sunny Bay. We provide superior comfort and excellent service for which we have received numerous awards, while the untouched nature is our most valuable asset. We enjoy in it with all our senses and try to convey its healing aromas and scents in each part of our hotel, gastronomy and unique wellness treatments.  

The holistic approach of our skillful therapists will secure for you feeling of deep relaxation. The Aura Botanical Spa Garden concept offers treatments for regeneration and care of the whole body. Natural approach is extremely important because Lošinj’s nature has a beneficial effect on the body and the spirit.

For face and body care, we use only natural, nutrient-rich oils, such as olive oil, with highly valuable drops of various essential oils, such as immortelle, which literally wipes off years from your face.

For body care, we strive to take advantage of all valuables found in the nature of the islands – coarse sea salt, ground pitted olives, apricots or almonds used as a body scrub, to nutritious and essential oils that restore energy and vitality, and rose reminders for the specials anti-ageing treatments. Aura Botanical Spa Garden chooses the best of nature in order to banish the stress successfully, stimulate circulation, awake dormant energy and establish homeostasis.

Hotel Aurora is known for its subtly kind staff, where every guest feels special and important, as well as for its unobtrusive comfort that allows complete relaxation.Spacious, bright, surrounded by the pine forest and the sea, the Hotel Aurora is the perfect place for a dream vacation.

Welcome to the oasis of comfort!

Shine with a new freshness! Only one signature treatment with the finest blend of aromatic herbs, rich oils and skillful hands of our therapists will provide you with glow, beauty and pleasure.