Aromatherapy workshops

The nature of the island of Lošinj will make wonders for improving your health.

The archipelago of Lošinj is a known and recognised destination abundant in medicinal plants and essential oils whose scents will welcome you as you step foot on the island and follow you everywhere during your stay there.

Lošinj’s aromatherapy is available to anyone and it’s completely free. The healing air of top quality rich in essential oils and sea aerosols is especially beneficial for the treatment of respiratory tract problems and allergies. If you stop for a moment, relax and take a deep breath, you will become aware of all the specifics and differences in the scents, and feel the mix of sea aerosols, thickpine-tree forest, and medicinal Mediterranean plants.

Aromatherapy is part of everyday life of the locals and their guests on the island of Lošinj thanks to the mild Mediterranean climate, top quality air that is enriched with sea aerosols, beautiful clear sea, and scents of Mediterranean and medicinal plants. This beautiful island makes the aromatherapy more accessible than anywhere else because the moment you step foot on it, you will be splashed with the rich scents that will follow you throughout your stay.

It is a well-known fact that well-being comes from the nature so being outdoors has a beneficial effect on the improvement of people’s mental and physical state.

Don't forget to use aromatherapy in your everyday life!

Plants and their essential oils have been traditionally used on Lošinj for treatment and improvement of the entire quality of life. This has definitely influenced the fact that today there are many aromatherapy services on Lošinj, as well as quality products and educations that combine modern tendencies and traditional knowledge of aromatherapy.

The most popular oils of the island of Lošinj are bay leaf, lavender, rosemary chemotype camphor,  citruses (lemon, orange, tangerine), immortelle, rosemary chemotype verbenone, eucalyptus, sage, fennel, mint, pomegranate, pine-tree, agave, and juniper. Some of them help prevent and treat problems of the respiratory tract, others have a calming effect, while some are energising… For each ailment there is a plant or several of them whose application, in right concentrations, can improve general health.

Step into the magical world of aromatherapy, learn something new, and make your own cosmetics. With rich essentials of Lošinj, awaken your vitality!

Aromatherapy workshops 

In order to maximise the benefits of aromatherapy and organised by experts, different workshops for locals and guests provide information on the positive sides of local plants on health and beauty. They also help show how to make best from your stay on the island and  offer tips how to use essential oils from Lošinj plants for creating aromatherapy preparations and cosmetics.

Aromatherapy workshops are ideal for anyone who wants to learn quickly how to help themselves with a bit of effort and time, but a lot of pleasure. They offer basic knowledge on aromatherapy treatments that can be applied at home by using very simple aromatherapy preparations.

Their advantages are that they are created on an individual basis. With some knowledge about aromatherapy, most beauty preparations can be recreated at home.

The vitality and the history of our archipelago is weaved in the drops of essential oils which are beneficial for our body and mind.

There are identified 1,018 plant species on the islands of Lošinj, of which 939 indigenous species. As many as 230 species are medicinal plants. 80 of exotic plant species were brought by Lošinj seamen and captains, from his travels to other parts of the world, and planted them in the gardens around their houses. Because of the ideal, mild Mediterranean climate, Lošinj plants belongs to the Sicilian and southern Dalmatian flora.