Apoxyomenos on the Island of Vitality

Festival Apoxyomenos on the Island of Vitality

Meet Apoxyomenos

The antique bronze statue of an athlete, 192 cm tall, taken from the sea bed between the islet of Vele Orjule and the island of Lošinj on 27 April 1999, is the only large bronze found to date on the eastern coast of the Adriatic.

During its restoration that took almost 7 years, the research into the material and the style of workmanship resulted in placing it in the 2nd-1st c. BC., although its prototype is much older, dating back to the 4th century B.C.

Out of eight known variations of the Apoxyomenos prototype, the Lošinj statue is the most complete and best preserved. Although the author is unknown, the classical beauty and quality of workmanship show a true master.


To live as Apoxyòmenos for several days means enjoying the pleasures of nature, sports, delicious cuisine, spa treatments, educational programs, tours with the smell of Lošinj herbs and sea aerosols.

Staying on the island of vitality, the healing island of Apoxyòmenos, brings your body and spirit back into harmony.

Travel through time and experience the benefits of antiquity in the Lošinj Hotels&Villas facilities and the destination.

Wish yourself the Vitality vacation, meet Apoxyòmenos and book the special offer: Antiques and health… Let’s live like Apoxyòmenos! 

When on Lošinj, you can't miss the Museum of Apoxyomenos. Come visit and learn about Apoxyomenos, the best preserved bronze statue of its kind that was discovered right here in the waters of Lošinj.

Let yourself drift into an oasis of peace, while our Wellness&Spa teams pamper you with Apoxyòmenos’ massage, and nurture your skin with Apoxyòmenos cosmetics. At the aromatherapy workshops learn how to match essential oils to your current state of mind.

Learn to prepare lunch or dinner inspired by classical antiquity at our cooking workshops. Our sommeliers will recommend the best wines to pair with each of the delicious dishes, and tell you about the wines that were popular in classical antiquity.

Visit our restaurants Diana, Punta and Veli Žal and taste original ancient dishes. Sign up for our workshops and learn how to prepare ancient and Mediterranean specialties with the help of our top chefs. In addition, pair the dishes with ancient wines and enjoy your meal that will bring pleasure to your palate!

During the ancient breakfast, listen to the story of olives and olive oil, the nature whose roots date back to the Antiquity.  Take part in aromatherapy workshops or create your own wool souvenir, take a break and enjoy the performance of the local folk groups, balance your mind and body with our yoga or fitness programmes outdoors.

In your free time visit the Blue World and learn how to adopt a dolphin. Visit the ancient town of Osor, climb the Osoršćica mountain or visit the neighbouring islands, sail on the Apoxyomenos routes or dive at archaeological sites. Don’t forget to relax in our wellness centres and enjoy our treatments for your body, hair or spirit.

Seize this opportunity to train your mind and your body. Exercise in nature, walk along the Promenade of Vitality and the Path of the Dolphins, balance your mind and body with yoga programs or blow the cobwebs away with a morning run and get familiar with the history of Lošinj. Our expert team of instructors, nutritionists and doctors will be at your service if you opt for our specific programs.

The features of the Mediterranean diet are summed up by a few principles that are based on the famous ancient motto: Everything in moderation! This moderation in the ancient times was reflected not only in the amount of food that was served, but also in the way it was consumed and in a general attitude towards food. For example, ancient custom was to dilute the wine with water, and the Knights Templar introduced the ancient relationship towards wine, food, and hygiene in food to their diets, and added a spoonful of aloe vera to their drinks, whose use was widespread in the ancient times.



Experience the Antiquity through our revitalising rituals and feel the benefits of Lošinj’s medicinal plants by using  Mirta natural cosmetics.

Body exfoliator with laurel and orange in a woollen glove, combined with an energetic massage will relieve tension, have a positive effect on the blood circulation and revitalise your body. A selection of oils – olive, almond, pot marigold, eucalyptus, and orange flower – symbolise beauty, wealth, victory, fertility and eternal youth, just like Apoxyomenos.

Željka Ketterer, bacc. physioth., Beauty Studio, Vitality Zone Vitality Hotel Punta


The health benefits of sage were familiar in the ancient Greece and its Latin name Salvia officinalis means to save or to heal, which only proves the plant’s healing potential. A blend of sage and myrtle essential oils stimulates organ function that helps filter and eliminate waste from the organism.

Apoxyomenos Eternity Treatment comprises a 20-minute hydro-spa and 50-minute full-body massage, which results in total relaxation of the body.

The power of the touch is health-giving. Indulge in an aromatherapy treatment with spa and oils, relax in the scents of myrtle and sage that you can smell on Lošinj every day.

Bellevue Spa Clinic Team

Do you still ask yourself why Lošinj?

#breatheLosinj with all your senses:

  • see the culture and attractions from classical antiquity to the present day and learn something new about the destination
  • taste the cuisine of the Mediterranean and classical antiquity and learn how to prepare such specialties with healthy, natural ingredients
  • touch a rock and the sea, hug a pine tree, and experience the islands of Lošinj archipelago
  • breathe in the scent of 1100 species of various indigenous plants while walking in a pine forest
  • listen to the sounds of the sea, the whistles of dolphins, the singing of birds and crickets
  • make a decision and #breatheLosinj
Learn to live as the Apoxyòmenos and follow the maxim: "A healthy mind in a healthy body!"