Body composition analyzer

Seca mBCA 515

Vitality hotel Punta is a proud owner of the body composition analyzer Seca mBCA 515 which operates on the principle of bioelectrical impedance.
In fact, it is a high quality medical device which provides clinically validated results. Study about the precision of its results has been published in the scientific magazine “European Journal of Clinical Nutrition“.

The analysis lasts less than 20 seconds, and the given results can serve as an indicator of one’s general health and nutrition intake, it can also serve to monitor physical condition and body weight, i.e. body composition.

Seca mBCA 515 body analyzer can determine:

• body mass and body mass index (BMI)
• fat mass (FM) and fat mass index (FMI)
• fat free mass (FFM) and fat free mass index (FFMI)
• the amount of viscelar fat
• skeletal muscle mass (SMM) of the whole body, torso, left and right arm and left and right leg
• the relation between fat and fat free tissue (BCC)
• the total amount of intracellular (TBW) and extracellular water (ECW) found in the body, and the hydration degree
• bioelectrical impedance vector analysis (BIVA)
• the quantity and quality of somatic cells (Phase Angel)
• basal metabolism and the body’s energetic needs

As listed above, it is clear that body composition analysis provides a large amount of data which can be used:

1. To control body mass
– to burn the amount of fat tissue and maintain or build the amount of muscle tissue
– to determine the amount of water retained
2. In sports medicine
– in sports Training
– to balance an athlete’s Training
– to observe body composition while resting from a sports injury or during rehabilitation
3. To monitor general Health
– to assess malnutrition
– to control edema
– to control muscle function
4. For clinical nutrition
– in oncology, nephrology, heart insufficiency and diabetology