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Meet us! Jadranka d.d. & Mali Lošinj Tourist Board

Mali Lošinj Tourist Board

The Tourist Board of the Town of Mali Lošinj was founded with the objective of creating and promoting the reputation and identity of tourism of the Town of Mali Lošinj, in alignment with the Act on the tourism boards and tourism promotion of the Republic of Croatia.

  • Promoting the island of Lošinj as a tourist destination, planning and implementation of strategies and concepts for the development of tourism, as well as raising the quality of offer in the Town of Mali Lošinj are just some of the most important tasks of our Tourism Board.
  • In line with that, we strive to participate in creating an environment for an efficient coordination of all tourism stakeholders, which include private and public sectors, as well as to draw up development and strategic plans for tourism on the municipality level.
  • Our other tasks include initiating and participating in the arrangement of the town that ultimately improve our guests’ conditions of stay, and encouraging activities that aim to preserve the environment, tourism space, and natural and cultural heritage.
  • At least three times a year we collect and analyse data regarding the tourism offer, accommodation, restaurant services, cultural, sports and other events, and operating hours of important establishments such as hospitals, post offices, and banks, which are important information for our guests to have a safe and pleasant stay and help them in planning their travel arrangements.
  • In addition, the Tourism Board publishes promotional material with the aim of offering a greater tourism offer and regularly encourages and organises cultural, entertainment, artistic, and sports events. With all this, the Tourism Board maintains a unique list of visitors for the municipality, conducts regular inspections into the collection of sojourn tax, and undertakes professional data processing. The Assembly, Tourism Committee, Supervisory Board, and the President make up the bodies of the Tourism Board of the Town of Mali Lošinj. Per the Act from 2009, the mayor of Mali Lošinj is also the President of the Tourism Board. The Town’s Tourism Board operates based on financial plan and annual programme plan, while its income is generated from a variety of sources: the budget, sojourn tax, tourism memberships, and other.

Tourism Office of the Tourism Board is headquartered in Mali Lošinj, at Priko 42, where it performs expert and administrative tasks related to the above.

A: Priko 42, 51550 Mali Lošinj
T: +385 51 231 884; +385 51 231 547
E: losinj@visitlosinj.hr
W: www.visitlosinj.hr

Jadranka Group

The management of Jadranka d.d. Group has published the Policy of Quality and Environmental Management that stemmed from the ISO 9001:2000 system for quality management and ISO 14001:2004 system for environmental management.

Quality and environmental management system was established and maintained so that all employees including the top management are bound to prevent the pollution of the environment, preserve health and safety of people, respect laws and other regulations, manage natural resources in a responsible manner, recognise and meet the clients’ needs, and continuously improve efficacy of their actions and business processes.

The management of Jadranka d.d. Group will ensure that yearly goals regarding the quality and environment are set on regular basis in order to enable meeting the general goals and policies.

The policy of quality and environmental management has been published for all employees with the aim of defining the mission, vision, and goals that should ultimately meet the needs of all users of Group’s services.


Mission of Jadranka d.d. Group is to ensure quality, healthy, and ecologically acceptable services in food production, as well as retail, hotel, and camping services.

The intention is to persevere in providing customised service that places the end user in the centre of attention, and in creating the services and products with the identity of “healthy living” intended for clients with higher expectations. In addition, the mission is to commit to ensuring an encouraging professional atmosphere and education for employees, as well as preserving permanent values of the heritage as one of the biggest stakeholders in the economic development of the local community.


Jadranka d.d. Group has a vision to be recognised as a best practice example in appreciating the principles of environmental protection, and be Croatian and global model of the most innovative organisation across their activities.

In line with the aforementioned vision, Jadranka Group provides the best experience of health tourism in the Adriatic. As far as retail is concerned, it offers carefully selected and quality items that meet the needs of different clients, in real estate it provides safe investment, and in catering it introduces a healthy diet. 

Quality and environment policy

It is precisely the strong engagement of all employees to achieve customer satisfaction that brought about business success of the Jadranka Group.

According to the international norms ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, that is, systems of quality and environmental management, we have achieved to satisfy all interested parties, starting with the customers, suppliers, employees, and owners, and finally local community, where the Group operates.